University of Hasselt Case Study

Student-friendly website designed, managed and implemented by Paragon Service Point



University of Hasselt is a young university (1971) that in a relatively short term has grown exponentially into a thriving centre of research and science education in the region

The challenge

UHasselt may run courses in Medicine, Technology and Science, but their students need no education in internet use. They acknowledge that their students are leading technological advancements, and navigate web content with ease and thus they expect access the to information they seek, anytime, anywhere, and with ease. UHasselt wanted a website that provided ease of use, fast access to information, an online notice-board, available on multiple devices and also represent the University via the look and feel. Moreover, the target users are students, and thus the website had to be in keeping with current trends.

The solution 

Paragon Service Point designed, built and managed UHasselt’s web content with their dedicated team, working consistently over a number of years to provide innovation and continual development of the UHasselt website.
As of 2014, the newest version yet was launched with a totally new, back-end developed corporate website. As the web pages were subject to ongoing use, Paragon Service Point provided a new website with minimum disruption to the system. A new layout was developed based on existing and some new content, thereby making it possible to quickly switch between layouts and to continue to render certain content in the old layout. The new site is accessible via mobile devices for students to have complete access on the move whilst studying.

The result

The new website has been a success, providing a much needed service with minimum disruption. Feedback from the University has called it “excellent”, and that Service Point is a reliable partner for the continued management of the web content.
The new website is more responsive, more interactive and more accessible for students and those using mobile devices.

The benefits

  • Renovation with minimum disruption to the service 
  • Website is mobile-device compatible 
  • Student-friendly, end user focused
  • On-going maintenance and management

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