Ward Homes Case Study

Ward Homes has been building homes in Kent, East Sussex and the South East since 1935. 



ProjectVault helps Ward Homes deliver every project successfully.

Their service aims to invest in craftsmanship and quality design to ensure their homes reflect the changing needs and aspirations of the families whose homes they build. With over seventy five years experience Ward Homes has a reputation of building homes and real communities for the residents. 

The challenge 

Ward Homes were using a completely manual, paper-based document management system for their projects - the project technical manager was spending up to one week per month managing, printing, and posting all drawings, new versions and revised versions. This was timely, both for the technical manager’s own time, and the time taken for new drawings to be delivered. Ward Homes needed a document management solution to control the project, save time and still ensure drawings were delivered securely.

The solution 

ProjectVault was introduced and the teams given full training and information to allow them to maximise their usage of the tool. The service as a result allows them to still manage documents and drawings, whilst tracking them and determining who sent what, why it was sent and where it was sent too - all electronically, all in the hub and with full version history.
The single point of contact previously one person, has been replaced with an online, secure single point of contact in a simple, powerful system.
"We would like to thank the team at Paragon. The information and training that they gave us was great. ProjectVault brings everything together, it’s a simple tool that has a huge impact on the delivery of each project we work on." JOHN COLLCUTT, TECHNICAL MANAGER WARD HOMES


The result 

ProjectVault has saved extremely valuable employee time, improved efficiency and changed the manner in which construction document management operates within the Ward Homes team. As a result, Ward Homes have been long-time customers, using ProjectVault for each project.

The benefits 

  • Drawing and document management
  • Communication centralisation 
  • Streamline all workflows and processes 
  • Total training and support provided 
  • Print Distribution service available

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