Paragon Customer Communications

We use the latest technology to enable responsive and meaningful engagements that support our clients and their customer journeys

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Paragon make it easy for you to reach your customers with just the right message at the right time – whether you need to send a single local leaflet campaign or an industry-leading, omni-channel, global communication platform.
Your single, dedicated Paragon team will oversee your inbound and outbound communications; helping you balance digital and physical media, ensure compliance in the GDPR world, and meet the challenges of today’s communication landscape, including dematerialisation and digital transformation.
You can take advantage of our Customer Communication Service Solutions individually, or connect them to create seamless customer journeys and experiences across every touchpoint. To find out more about our solutions click here


About us

Whilst we are based in the UK, being part of the Paragon Group provides you access to our production network throughout Europe, enabling a consistent approach to the management and production of your communications.

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