Digital Design, Build & Distribution

Ensuring you have your finger on the pulse of all digital solutions, including email, SMS, online portals, websites and personalised webpages

Digital Design Build

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Digital done brilliantly

We plan, design and deploy millions of digital communications every week for some of the UK’s best-known brands.

From crafted online experiences through to multi-million email campaigns optimised to each individual recipient, we give you easy access and powerful control of all digital channels.


  •  From small and simple email blasts to enterprise-level, automated, integrated communication platform development
  •  Market-leading digital solutions – including email, SMS, online portals, websites and personalised webpages
  •  Specialist digital planning and design teams
  •  Customer journey planning based on detailed LifeStage modelling of your customers
  •  Digitisation strategies and tactics to drive your customer service and dematerialisation goals
  •  Marketing automation expertise
  •  Latest content and delivery innovations to deliver brilliant customer experience – including personalised video, interactive communications, interactive email and near-field technologies
  •  Easy-to-use systems that put control in your team’s hands



  • The right solutions to suit your needs, moment by moment
  • All the right solutions, deployed in harmony by your dedicated Paragon team, to improve customer engagement, trust and value
  • Valuable expertise to help refine, develop and achieve your ambitions
  • Gain control of your prospect and customer lifecycle – influencing behaviour, maximising campaign effectiveness and driving revenue
  • Gain marketing efficiency, resource savings and versatility

You’ll always, automatically be using and benefitting from the best, constantly evolving tools, no matter how simple or complex your requirements

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