Every sector has its own unique demands – something we’ve learnt from decades of working with a diverse range of organisations. We draw on our deep understanding of the sectors we serve to find ways of giving our clients a competitive edge.


Hospitality Sector

Paragon's solutions can give you a competitive advantage in the hospitality sector

Financial Services Sector

Paragon has been serving the Financial Services sector for more than 100 years

Automotive Sector

Paragon can transform your operations within the automotive sector

Architecture Sector

At Paragon Service Point we are proud to serve architects with our innovative printing, document management and information solution systems.

Retail Sector

Retail is changing. Consumers expect a shopping experience to be tailored to them, whether they are online or in store, and retailers are now concerned with delivering a consistent customer experience as well as acquiring customers and improving customer loyalty.

Education Sector solutions

Education Sector

Institutions recognise more than ever the importance of visibility and control of spend.

Travel and Tourism Sector

We are experts in providing collateral to the travel and tourism sector