PEP Technology

PEP™ is a highly configurable, proprietary technology platform that delivers a wide range of web-based document and workflow solutions to over 1 million registered users.


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PEP is Paragon's web ordering and workflow technology, in continuous development since 2003

PEP technology platform

PEP technology can be deployed for webshops, for workflow automation, supply chain management and as a delivery mechanism for customised communications, including multichannel campaigns. PEP is built on a high-availability, secure infrastructure that supports and automates business-critical services for Paragon's clients. Users achieve greater visibility of spend, better service levels, reduced order times and enhanced inventory management.

With more than a million registered Business to Business Users, the PEP customer base is probably the largest for any similar platform in its segment in Europe. PEP features include advanced Web2Print capabilities, a highly customisable user interface, multi-currency and multilingual support, complex supply chain management and powerful spend and budget controls.


Many organisations, especially those with numerous locations or branches, face difficulties effectively deploying campaigns and branded materials across their networks. Content has to be correctly localised and personalised. Local managers, with their independent budgets, must be empowered, within centrally-defined constraints of brand and style.

The PEP technology platform provides a single, integrated, multichannel environment enabling rapid and effective deployment of campaigns across the entire branch or agent network. The PEP platform supports a wide range of document templates, media types and campaign delivery channels, plus comprehensive analytics on activities and customer response.


If your requirement is a highly efficient, advanced fulfilment service including online ordering, realtime inventory management, kitting, rollouts, call-offs, replenishment and distribution, then the PEP technology platform is the perfect match.

Where control of expenditure of each ordering point is vital, PEP provides comprehensive spend-management features and advanced reporting. Service fees and charges are calculated and displayed at time of order, for full visibility. The platform also supports upstream integration through a range of interfaces with customers' procurement platforms and third-party systems, enabling end-to-end automation.


Paragon is one of Europe's largest provider of digital print-on-demand services, with over 150 production locations across twelve countries. This network delivers compelling cost benefits and operational efficiencies for "order from anywhere, deliver to anywhere" document services.

PEP technology enables users to order online, uploading their documents and artwork directly to the platform, in a range of formats, with on-screen proofing. Materials and production options are also selected and priced. A powerful reporting engine gives full visibility and control of spend by user, department, site or region, and extensive spend and budget controls.

Visibility and reporting

Integration into Paragon’s warehouse and fulfilment systems enables users to monitor order status and progress at all times. Downstream integration with postal and carrier systems provides “track my delivery” links for users, including proof of delivery where required.

The PEP platform includes a management information and reporting capability that allows you to monitor inventory levels and to manage activity and consumption to a highly detailed level, per product, department, location or individual.

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