Volkswagen Pon Financial Services

Costs saved by management system for invoices and fines by using Paragon's multichannel solution


Multichannel, automated invoicing and payment reminder system for Volkswagen Pon

Volkswagen Pon Financial Services provide financial mobility to automotive customers. The group consists of DFM, Volkswagen Bank, Volkswagen Leasing, DutchLease, Easy Rent and MAN Finance. It covers the entire chain from finance, insurance and leasing for car dealers, fleet owners, small and medium business and individuals.

Volkswagen Pon needed a solution for its invoicing system - specifically regarding the issuing of fines incurred by customers that need to be paid.

There were multiple challenges:

1. Fines are passed onto customers in two different ways, either to the driver of the car directly or the company leasing the car to the driver.

2. There was a database with all customer information, but there were concerns that they couldn’t extract the data from it.

3. It was currently all being done manually, including searching databases and matching customer time consuming and costly.

4. All fines were passed on via post, and postage was costly.

5. Customers may dispute ever having received the file via postage and chasing for payments was commonplace.

6. Customers often only had postal addresses attributed to them, with no email address for digital contact.

ServicePoint Paragon provided a multichannel solution that invoices both digitally and physically, as well as providing a bespoke data platform that automates much of the system. Volkswagen Pon’s database was successfully extracted by ServicePoint for use, and further customer data, such as email, was collected through correspondence.

The bespoke platform created is populated with this data and new customer data, daily, as well as national government files that list fine convictions, it automatically matches the license plate number and the fine, and then correspondence is sent on behalf of VWPFS, either digitally or physically to the driver or company dependent on their contact preferences. Payment options and reminders are also automatically sent, wasting no time chasing owed fines.

The solution is cost effective and time saving - large savings are made on print & postage, which previously stood at 70% of the costs and has since been reduced significantly. Through using the payment buttons - customers are more likely to pay quickly and the status of paid and unpaid fines can be viewed and managed. The solution is also entirely flexible - the system can also be used for other marketing or customer correspondence purposes.

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