Benefits of using Paragon KIID Distributor

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With the new regulations, you need to get prepared to meet the regulatory requirements to circulate KIIDs (Key Investor Information Documents) to your retail investors? These Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) must reach customers well before an investment transaction concludes.

Paragon Customer Communications provide you a complete solution to fulfil your KIIDs delivery requirement. Our online application enables Asset Managers or IFAs (Independent Financial Advisors) to order KIIDs for retail investors for despatch via print or an online link for instant download. We are trusted by over 50% of the largest UK Asset Managers to deliver customer communications in accordance with the FCA's strict regulations and timeframes.

The key aim of the Paragon KIID Distributor is to send out the document at the time requested by our clients to their potential investors, in the format they want – printed or digital document. We provide an audit trail of this provision, making sure our client’s Compliance department has proof that the KIIDs were sent out.

Some of the key benefits of using Paragon KIID Distributor:

  • Paragon has experience of providing UCIT KIIDs fulfilment solutions to the Asset Management industry since 2012
  • Our KIIDs Distributor, is an intuitive online application that fulfils the distribution of KIIDs via the print or email communication channels
  • Our web-based solution requires no hardware installation, so is quick and easy to configure and launch
  • The KIIDs Distributor provides an intuitive & comprehensive in-system search capability
  • This solution provides a full audit trail and the ability to report on all KIIDs provisions to meet compliance requirements
  • The KIID documents upload into the system is made easy with automated bulk upload
  • Our solution is an integrated with KIIDs Publishers or Distributors, so updates to your KIIDs are immediately reflected in our database, eliminating the risk of sending out older versions
  • Clients can choose to archive KIID documents sent to their customers in our Archive solution
  • In addition to the right technology, we provide you with expert and dedicated Financial Services Account Management with years of experience in handling UCIT KIIDs

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