Direct Mail Still Reigns Supreme

Print is still a top marketing tool


Direct Mail delivers results, it is more relevant now than ever

‘Direct mail is dead,’ ‘nobody uses direct mail anymore,’ ‘direct mail is archaic,’ these are just some of arguments we hear regularly of late in a world that is laden with online advertising, yet research into the effectiveness of direct mail proves otherwise. 

Facts and Figures

Online marketing techniques are affordable and so accessible that people are moving away from traditional marketing but recent research confirms that 83% of people still believe that direct mail is easier to consume than email. According to Royal Mail, 92% of all direct mail is opened, so it’s not surprising that direct mail is responsible for driving 44% of traffic to a brand’s website. Another interesting fact, according to An Post is that 18-34 years are the most responsive to direct mail, with 63% declaring it a pleasure to receive. As an audience often ignored by marketers when it comes to direct mail, this spells a big opportunity for brands to tap into. Since direct mail levels have dropped since the introduction of online marketing there lies an opportunity here as you have less to compete with.

Direct Mail Delivers Results

Another advantage with using direct mail, according to a study from Epilson is that consumers tend to deal with it straight away, a recent study proved that 77% of consumers sort through their direct mail immediately. The reason for this is that direct mail has become a novelty, we are all bombarded with online advertisements and email marketing that we have actually become skilled in ignoring and avoiding it. Another interesting statistic is that direct mail boasts a 4.4% response rate while email only receives a 0.12% response rate. Consumers are much more likely engage and enjoy a direct mail piece as opposed to an online ad or email.

Direct Mail Increases Customer Loyalty

Direct mail also helps to increase customer loyalty by allowing you to personalise your promotions and offers specifically to the consumer which helps to increase their connection to your business. Direct Mail is still a top marketing tool, allowing you to generate responses from targeted customers. It is one of the only ways to get a tangible message into your customer’s hands. It opens up a world of exciting, creative options to appeal to customer’s senses.

Integrate Your Direct Mail and Online Marketing Efforts

With such enormous focus on online marketing, many businesses have chosen to ignore traditional marketing methods, this is a mistake as traditional marketing such as direct mail can harness many benefits that online marketing cannot. It is obvious that your reach will be wider the more platforms you utilise and by combining both direct mail and digital marketing you can ensure your web savvy customers end up on your website along with your customers who are more comfortable with traditional media. When you send out your direct mail pieces include a QR code or unique URL to bring customers to a personalised landing page. Direct mail customers tend to be the best quality customers you could get to visit your website. A person who seeks out a website after receiving a direct mail piece is more motivated and more interested in finding out about your company and its products or services. Integrating NFC (near field communication) with your direct mail pieces is an innovative way to offer your customers and physical and digital experience. 

The inclusion of an NFC chip allows immediate mobile conversions and means the user doesn’t even have to open up their phone: they can just hold their phone near the code and the information will transfer automatically, with no app download necessary. There are numerous ways you can utilise NFC technology in your direct mail campaign such as generating a personalised message, video, directing the consumer to a specific webpage and even allowing the consumer to automatically autodial by scanning the NFC chip. Direct mail also offers the unique opportunity to target online basket abandonment offline, an invaluable way to target the problem and ensure your customers complete their orders. 

 Tips for an Effective Direct Mail Campaign

  • Know who your target audience are before you even consider launching a direct mail campaign, it is a massive waste of resources to blindly send out direct mail pieces to an audience that isn’t interested in what you have to offer
  • Ensure you do include a customised or personalised URL to track the traffic to your website from your direct mail campaign
  • Include all your social media details
  • Always address the customer by name, remember personalisation is key
  • Use eye-catching graphics and colours
  • Ensure your direct mail piece doesn’t look too corporate, the aim is to capture the attention of your customers and potential customers

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