The evolution of channels in multichannel marketing

From direct mail to Snapchat - how do you communicate with your customers?


The way companies communicate with their customers has changed significantly over time thanks to constant advancements in technology

Keeping up to date with marketing channels

In our previous blog post we explained the importance of multichannel marketing and the need for companies to identify the correct channels to communicate with their customers. Companies have enormous choice when choosing ways to communicate with their customers, from Snapchat to Facebook to email and direct mail, the choices are endless. We know that multichannel marketing is not something we can ignore, it is something that companies must implement and continue to update as new channels of communication emerge.

The difficulty facing most companies is making the choice of which channels to use. Consumers nowadays expect to be able to reach out and communicate with companies in the same way they communicate with each other. As the communication channels that companies utilise change so frequently, companies must research their target audience and ensure they are using the most relevant channels. The last big trend in communication channels was social media. Facebook arrived on the scene followed closely by Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. As millions of consumers began to flood social media, companies quickly realised that there was enormous opportunity to reach out to the masses using social. 

Utilising private channels of communication

An interesting revolution has emerged in recent years in how companies communicate with their customers; the movement is towards private channels of communication. Smart companies are now utilising WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger to reach out to their customers. Companies see how popular these channels are and see the opportunity in exploiting them. It is understandable why companies are eager to use these channels, WhatsApp now has half a billion users, Snapchat has 100 million users and Facebook Messenger has 1 billion users. Private channels of communication also lead to a sense of personalisation and a feeling that the consumer has a direct line to the company.  

We can see the different channels of communication changing quite frequently, this does not necessarily mean that you need to use the newest channels but it means you really have to consider where your target audience are and be there. Companies that are successfully communicating with customers are constantly adapting to customers’ needs and wants.

When it comes down to implementing multichannel marketing, traditional and modern types of communication channels can complement each other very well. It is not only about using multiple channels but using synchronised channels to reach consumers. Companies must always ensure that no matter what channels they use these must all work together to provide optimal customer experience.

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