Financial Services Case Study

Secure scratch code solution by Paragon allows client to post pin numbers with piece of mind


Paragon has been serving the Financial Services sector for the past number of decades

The client is a credit arm of one of the largest banking and financial services in the world, offering a range of credit card products, balance transfers and reward cards.

When Chip and Pin was announced as the new card verification method, many banks were impact printing Pin numbers, a slow and labour intensive process using traditional computer forms which were also subject to a lack of clarity in the print. Additionally, the arrival of Chip and Pin demanded a complete reissue to all customers with new Pin numbers.

Total security whilst posting the new Pins was essential. The client wanted to be able to use their new inkjet printers they had installed in-house to print the high-security numbers, but print onto a media that didn’t show the number until the customer wanted to reveal it.

Paragon created a high-security, no-impact pin-mailer: a solution that provided a ready-to-print paper with a scrambling code, security tab and scratch-off patch, compatible with the inkjet printer. The solution is finished with a custom designed font, which is unreadable when printed on the scrambling code. The Pin code recipient then has to peel back the tab, scratch-off the patch, leaving the Pin printed on the film behind.

As a result, Paragon developed a solution that provided the highest level of security available, classed as CPAS level 4. Used by the client for over 10 years, it is still secure and hugely successful - it works and is a continued service. Customers are able to get their new Pins faster, without compromising security. In the first year of the Chip and Pin release, 11 million codes were produced for the UK, and subsequently approximately 5 million per year.

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