Hybrid mail and its uses within Higher Education

Hybrid mail offers an easy, cost effective and quick way to send out personalised digital communications and direct mail to this diverse range of stakeholders from one portal.




With thousands of universities and higher education institutions in the UK, admissions and marketing teams within the sector depend on digital messaging and physical mail to communicate with their varying audience.

The power of hybrid mail

Hybrid mail not only increases brand engagement and captures the customers’ imaginations, it also enables the user to reach its audience on multiple platforms by giving the flexibility of using both electronic and paper communications and automating the process of print and mailing documents.

Hybrid mail is perfect for departments who have communications that are required to be mailed out to stakeholders, such as acceptance letters, prospectuses, and informative welcome packs.    Using hybrid mail enables you to manage your mailings from your desktop at the touch of a button, whilst also reducing the time, effort and money of the whole process. 

This technology is a cost effective way of implementing an automated multi-channel marketing strategy, allowing you to reinforce your message by direct mail, email or even SMS. By using three marketing channels simultaneously, you can maximise the reach of your message.

Get personal

Hybrid mail and other data-rich mailing services give schools the opportunity to heavily personalise mail on a mass scale. Personalised communications continue to perform better than generic messaging on all platforms, however you can go much further than adding the name; using smart data, hybrid mail technology allows the sender to generate the right content for the prospective student. 

This technology can also be integrated into your website as an automated information ordering portal; for example, a potential student is able to order a prospectus online, this is then sent straight to the mail service provider and dispatched. 

It’s personalisation choices are also vast no matter what the scale is; in one hybrid mail campaign, you can send out relevant and on point targeted messaging to all potential students across the different faculties, with bespoke content or personalisation generated automatically.

This innovative technology puts you in complete control of sending mass communications, from a single letter to large files of invoices, statements, and email or SMS campaigns.

Students love mail!

Although some marketers suggest that traditional direct mail is outdated, it has been reported in recent studies that young adults actually prefer to receive marketing messages through direct mail.

“Despite the growing popularity of social networks, young adults (age 18-34) are more likely to be influenced by direct mail marketing than by ads or marketing messages on social networks.[1]

Direct mail and other similar methods are still very effective in the education sector when targeting this young demographic, and many higher education institutions still send out communications such as prospectuses, letters, flyers and documents to their prospective pupils.  By using direct mail alongside your digital marketing strategy, it can  help to differentiate your institution from the rest.

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