Paragon Customer Communications at the PIMFA Annual Summit

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At the recent PIMFA Annual Summit, we were delighted to speak to a range of visitors to our stand about the burning issues affecting their industry.

Whether it’s the perennial issue of Brexit, or finding ways to communicate with a younger audience, helping them understand how to invest, there is currently a lot uncertainty around the sector. Companies are looking to maximise their return on investment and as a result communication can be forced to take a back seat.

But when a financial services company makes customer service a differentiator, especially when trying to reach a technology-savvy, more connected younger audience, the way they deliver customer communications becomes ever more important.

One challenge faced by financial services companies when trying to speak to a younger audience is that the customer journeys - the documentation, forms and processes required to bring a customer onboard – are complex and often based on a pre-digital world. They need simplification and modernisation.

Younger customers increasingly want to be spoken to via the channels they prefer, at a time of their convenience, with messaging that resonates. They are also more tuned in than previous generations to the roles played by governance, social responsibility, and environmental factors. Working with a communications partner with proven expertise in data and insight can help you engage more meaningfully with your target audience.

As our Strategy and Creative Director Marc Michaels discussed in his breakout seminar, data is the fuel that drives intelligent communications. And when a business is able to get a clear picture of their data, they are able to connect communications and transactions and deliver an end-to-end customer experience that enables them to stand out from the competition.

When discussing the financial services sector with one visitor to our stand, they summed it up by saying their job was “to drive a car while looking in the rear-view mirror”. In other words, they can only attempt to predict the future by looking at what the past can tell them.  On top of its usefulness in customer communications, data is also the resource which enables a business to spot the patterns and signals that illuminate the road ahead, helping to divert vital resources to where they can have the greatest impact and ultimately increasing return on investment.

When financial services companies work with a communications provider who can deliver brilliant end-to-end customer journeys, while also harnessing data and insight in new and powerful ways, everybody wins. The company can target its resources in new and intelligent ways and their customer receives a better experience.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can use data to fuel smarter communications, get in touch with one of our PIMFA association leads via the details below. Please let them know if you’d like to receive a copy of the presentation delivered by Marc Michaels during his PIMFA breakout sessions. If you have any questions about the services we can deliver, do not hesitate to contact us on

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