Paragon Group acquires Imprimus & St Ives Management Services (SIMS)

Acquisition Story


Paragon was delighted to announce the recent acquisitions of St Ives Management Services (SIMS) and Imprimus Ltd, two companies which will complement our existing business and strengthen the communications solutions which we offer to our clients. This is an exciting time for our company, and reflects our aim to deliver the future of brilliant customer communications.

About SIMS

SIMS was formerly the managed services division of St Ives plc, with a turnover of over €40m and a wide range of products and services for blue chip clients to support complete brand engagement programmes. The move not only strengthens Paragon’s existing range of solutions, it also provides SIMS’ clients with brand new possibilities to improve their communications via our data analysis, digital media and customer loyalty services.

Their staff are now going to be located at our Park House office in Finsbury Circus, London, and can be contacted via 0207 601 6270.

About Imprimus

Imprimus, which formerly operated as Stralfors UK, is a successful business with a diverse product portfolio and an annual turnover of around £14m. The move will complement and enrich the operational capabilities of our company, especially in the sphere of transactional communications, postage optimisation and digital channels. There is very little crossover between client bases of the two companies.

Their existing facility in Redruth, Cornwall, will now be incorporated into Paragon Customer Communications and rebranded accordingly. If you’d like to get in touch with the Redruth site, you can do so on 01209 312800.

If you’d like to know more about our services and the extended offering we now provide for our clients, take a look at our Solutions webpage here.



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