Ryder Cup

Complex ticketing and data solution provided for The Ryder Cup 2014


Complete solution for the Ryder Cup: data management, print fulfilment and logistical support

The Ryder Cup, the third largest sporting event in the world, is the historic men’s golf competition between teams from Europe and the United States. The competition is contested every two years with the venue alternating between courses in the USA and Europe.
Ticketing and associated services were previously managed in-house by a temporary team for The Ryder Cup. In 2014, the number of hospitably clients increased ten-fold, and so there was a need to outsource the process. The Ryder Cup is extremely high profile; world news coverage surrounds the event, and everything is broadcast live. Mistakes in ticketing and data management would be highly damaging to the running of and the reputation of the event - it is integral to the business. Also, while the number of hospitality guests had increased, there was a need to provide more bespoke hospitality packages to VIP clients to enhance their experience.
Paragon provided a complete solution for data management, print fulfilment and logistical support - processing a wide range of data and producing a huge range of collateral. The fulfilment required was a complicated process. Each company received bespoke hospitality packs dependent on over 300 variables, including whether a business had bought hospitality or was recognised as an event partner or sponsor.
The products fulfilled included: Hospitality Tickets, Car Park Passes, Staff Tickets, Event Guides, Hospitality Guides, Lanyards (Generic and Personalised), Party invitations, Afternoon Tea Wrist bands, 1st Tea Wrist Bands, Volunteer Accreditations, Media Accreditations, TV Accreditations, Staff, Members and VIP Accreditations.
The tickets were all bar coded and numbered and then linked to individual customers. The Photo Credentials matched photos with names and organisations and then to authorised access levels. The fulfilment data detailed over three hundred items that had to be picked, matched and packed across their entire customer base. To maximise revenue, the Ryder Cup wanted to keep the sales lines open as late as they possibly could up until the event, and so data was collected very close to the event. Despite this, the fulfilment was still delivered on time.
Paragon fulfilled the solution, as well as adding value by providing integrity, traceability and support to a complex ticketing and event process. The client commented that Paragon "provided set-up, ticket artwork, ticket printing, data management and ticket fulfilment. Their team is brilliant at every level."

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