UK Water Supply Company

Reduce costs associated with sending customer communications by 50%

Case Study

Hybrid Mail solution


Our client, a large UK water supply company, needed a
solution which could solve a number of issues they were
experiencing with their external customer communications.
They needed a communications partner with the capacity and
expertise to help them maintain control of their brand, reduce
costs, and improve their customers’ experiences.
Our client had previously faced difficulties with the timeliness
of their customer communications, and had a lack of
oversight of the messaging those customers received.


We provided our client with an end-to-end
deployment of our Hybrid Mail solution, allowing
them to easily manage all of their customer
communications from one place. Our solution is
deployed across the whole of the client's business,
from the metering teams to the call centres, and we
also manage the returns process on their behalf.
Our dedicated team manage the end-to-end process
of printing, enclosing and postal optimisation of
letters, freeing up our client’s internal resource to
focus on their core activities.


Our client is now in control of their external
communications, with a quick and efficient system
that ensures they are providing their customers with
a consistently excellent experience.
They now know exactly what communications have
been sent to each customer, and their brand identity
is maintained and reinforced with each campaign.
We also reduced the costs associated with sending
their customer communications by 50%, while
providing same-day print and production of the
items they send.