Solution Overview- Paragon CC

Paragon Customer Communications provides the industry's leading products and solutions across your whole communications process, whether inbound or outbound

Solution Overview-Paragon CC

Joined-up communication


We give you simple access to our complete range of best-in-class solutions, as well as the very best the rest of the market has to offer – all delivered through your one dedicated, expert Paragon team.

We call this model Lead Supply – and it combines our unrivalled in-house planning and production capabilities with the best efficiencies and specialist vendors available elsewhere in the market.

This ensures you enjoy rich insight and governance specific to your industry and challenges, with the ideal balance of efficiency, quality, performance and compliance across all your activity.

You can take advantage of our solutions individually, or connect them to create seamless customer journeys and experiences across every touchpoint. 


Print Services 

With over 120 years of heritage as well as the most innovative, sophisticated and expansive range of in-house print production, we are the perfect partner to give you the full emotive power of printed customer communications.

In the direct mail and marketing print worlds, we can offer whatever you need: the creativity and experience of a team that has produced over 17,000 different printed formats in recent years alongside the flexibility, speed, efficiency and guaranteed capabilities of the UK’s largest DM producer – some 650 million packs per year and growing.

Within transactional and regulatory communications, we are truly peerless – serving many of the top banks and financial services organisations with the highest-compliance, 100% guaranteed and most innovative printed communications produced 
in the most secure and efficient manufacturing environments.

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Data Strategy and Insight Services 

Our data strategy and insight services enable you to understand and optimise your customer’s journey, give them precisely the service they need and uncover their lifetime value.

From auditing your data, helping you prepare for GDPR, analysis, profiling and segmentation, planning and strategy through to building the systems, databases, behavioural models and AI-enabled solutions that make true one-to-one engagement possible, our team will bring you the clarity and control to nurture intelligent, effective, ideal customer relationships.

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Digital Services 

In an increasingly digital age, we are actively leading our clients through the transformation to channel-agnostic, digitally empowered, data-driven communications.

From sending millions of emails and mobile messages, through to building some of the most complex multiple channel, multiple phase campaigns, we can help you design, distribute, analyse and optimise your campaigns.

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Managed Services 

Clients large and small are increasingly using us to provide services they may have traditionally undertaken in-house, freeing up time and resource to concentrate on their core business.

Operating as an extension of your business, often working embedded within your site and teams, we can help you keep up with the latest technology and opportunities.

Our managed services allow you to manage your operations with optimum efficiency, with the industry’s best talent, insight and technology at your fingertips on an as-you-need-it basis.

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Secure Document Solutions 

Paragon has a long heritage of operating and innovating in markets where compliance and security are business critical.

Our infrastructure is built to handle the rigours of today’s and tomorrow’s data security – including PCI-compliant high-security production overseen by regulatory experts. It means we can guarantee the security and compliance you require, whilst being able to elevate your communications with added value, creativity, digitisation and innovation.

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