Customer Engagement Services

Working with you to plan, create and deliver insight-based, outcome-driven individualised, end to end customer communications.





Customer Engagement Services

Timely, relevant and persuasive digital and physical communications that work

As a customer engagement agency, we have the skills and insight to help our clients fulfil their communications ambitions and provide a first-class experience for their customers. We enable our clients to understand and optimise their customers’ journeys. Our end-to-end service encompasses analysis and planning through to behavioural modelling and AI-enabled solutions.

Data Analytics

We bring together a vast range of skills and work with our clients to create brilliant customer communications. From mining and refining the insight in your data to defining better strategies and big creative ideas that engage and persuade. From providing compliant data infrastructure to campaign management platforms that enable delivery of highly personalised variable content to get that all important extra open, click, view, purchase, donation or commitment to behaviour change.

Our end to end service helps you plan, create and deliver timely, relevant and persuasive digital and physical content to engage your customers’ and give them a great experience.

Data management

The spine of our services - data is the fuel that drives successful outcomes for our clients.

With our propriety data cleansing tool and our comprehensive suppression services we ensure the foundation of any activity is sound. We build, maintain and host databases and business rules engines for our clients that guide both individual trigger based and broader campaign waves. Supporting this, we integrate and deploy best of breed, future proof, Campaign Management Platforms for both operational and marketing purposes. Our expertise in data protection compliance and GDPR provides clients with the comfort of a safe pair of hands.

Digital UX

Paragon build and broadcast email at scale employing industry leading IBM and Alterian platforms. We provide full managed service, automated triggers and self-service options for our clients. SMS/MMS deployment, website and mobile app development and build ensure that we help our clients provide excellent user experience for their prospects and customers.

Insight – Planning, Analytics and Creative

Underlying our delivery capability, is the ability to help our clients deliver the right content at the right time through the right channels. Paragon analytics mines the data , spotting patterns and signals through profiling and segmentation, predictive modelling, media attribution and a raft of other insight discovery techniques, including out propriety LifeStage Framework and provide services from simple MI reporting to complex always on dashboardsOur planning team refines the insight from analytics, defines better strategies, creates propositions, maps out journeys, isolate intervention points to maximise communications effectiveness.

We then translate that insight into engaging, compelling and responsive creative. Design and copywriting from the ‘big idea’ conceptual creative team through to studio and artworking services.  Additionally our specialist digital design team prototype and test journeys and ensure design is responsive and renders correctly across devices and applications.

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