Customer Engagement Services

Working with you to plan, create and deliver insight-based, outcome-driven individualised, end to end customer communications.




Customer Engagement Services

Customer Engagement Services

As a customer engagement agency, we have the skills and insight to help our clients fulfil their communications ambitions and provide a first-class experience for their customers. We enable our clients to understand and optimise their customers’ journeys. Our end-to-end service encompasses analysis and planning through to behavioural modelling and AI-enabled solutions.

Data Analytics

Conceptual Creative

We create engaging propositions which combine data, research, behavioural psychology and beautiful creative design. Our conceptual creative services help to create campaigns that are on-message, practical and stand out from the crowd. Using best practice direct techniques, we execute timely, relevant and motivating communications for our clients.

Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics service gives you the insight to transform your decision-making process. We have a dedicated team of insight and analysis specialists who work closely with our clients to provide audited, evidenced and enhanced customer data, generating sophisticated strategies and proven tactics. We give a clear, real-time view of how your data works for you.

Data Optimisation

We also can help our clients to elevate their data and realise their marketing ambitions through our Data Optimisation service. This is facilitated by a single customer view across all touchpoints, campaigns and brands, giving our clients frictionless and meaningful engagement with their customers.

If you need to gain deeper insights into your customers’ journeys, our Customer Lifestage framework enables our clients to know precisely what action to take for each individual customer. We help our clients to unlock operational efficiencies and implement customer service improvements, maximising the lifetime value of each customer and improving return on investment. Ultimately, we work to ensure that each individual receives the right message at the right time.

Digital Design, Build & Distribution


Following the implementation of the new General Data Protection Regulations, which came into effect on 25th May 2018, we are the perfect partner to help businesses stay compliant with GDPR. We provide data exploration to let you know exactly what data you hold and what actions you need to take, as well as Preference Centres, Breach Notifications, and Re-permissioning strategies to ensure total control. Whether you manage millions of customer records or just a few, we help our clients to achieve their goals and add value to their business.

Studio Services

Along with the insight provided by our data teams, we also have the Studio Services solutions to revolutionise the communications you send with engaging, deliverable and cost effective creative design. We pioneer new and emerging technologies to bring creative concepts to life, delivering multi-channel design and marketing campaigns for our clients. Paragon’s studio services ensure brand clarity, quality, and consistency across all communication channels.

Digital Design Build & Distribution

Paragon plan, design and deploy millions of digital communications for some of the UK’s best known brands every single week. The easy access and powerful control provided by our Digital Design, Build and Distribution service allows our clients to refine, develop and realise their communication ambitions while saving on time and resource.

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