Managed Service

Gain full control and maximum efficiency, reduce your costs, and consolidate all your customer communications.


Managed Services

Managed Service

Our managed services, often operating on-site as an extension of our client’s business, allow full control of operations with maximum efficiency. We provide the best talent, insight, and technology, freeing up our clients’ time and resources and allowing them to concentrate on their core business activities.

Lead Supply

Lead Supply

Our Lead Supply solution provides unparalleled access to the most innovative and cost-effective print management, digital, data and fulfilment services. Paragon’s Lead Supply team provide the expertise to plan and manage even the most complex campaigns, with full transparency and giving you the best price available on the market. We help to provide your customers with the experience they need by securely serving their documents at whatever moment they need them.


Postal Optimisation

With our Postal Optimisation solution we go even further, allowing our clients to reduce what they spent on postage. Paragon posts over four million items every day. Whatever you want to send, and wherever you want to send it, our experience as a postage specialist and standing within the industry enables us to drive down costs for our customers. We also have the experts to revolutionise the mail you send by redesigning or consolidating your communications, or by conducting full postal audits to ensure maximum efficiency. Small operational changes across your business can have a dramatic effect on what you spend.

Response Handling and Fulfilment

Similarly, our Response Handling and Fulfilment solution helps our clients to impeccably serve their customers’ needs and improve their overall experience. We provide our clients with dedicated personal contacts and the most efficient operational processes, freeing up resource to concentrate on core business activities. Working with Paragon allows our clients to receive every inbound communication from their customers and act on them swiftly.


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