Customer Engagement Platforms

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Customer Engagement Platforms

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Seamless technology platforms to enable brilliant multi-channel communication to your customers


Engaging with your customers in an ‘always on world’ in both the physical and digital space requires the right tools. Paragon customer communications has you covered with a suite of customer engagement options that create the eco-system to manage content and deploy ‘real time’, ‘near real time’ and ‘communication waves’, using AI or contextual signals to build your communications around your customer. We’ll provide you with complete control and visibility over communications co-ordination, branding and budget.  

What we provide:

  • ‘Future proof’ tools for communication template management handling print, email, SMS, and push notifications
  • Professional services consulting on platform options and tools
  • Tool and systems integration, enablement and maintenance

How it helps you:

  • Communications that are more dynamic, personalised and interactive, improving speed to market
  • Present customers with a highly personalised and correctly branded experience regardless of their communication preference and lifestage with your brand
  • Standardise and increase the quality of your printed and digital communications and decrease your mailroom footprint
  • Complete visibility of your engagement activities, content management, communications co-ordination, budget and adherence to brand.


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