Data Cleansing

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Data Cleansing

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Proven data cleansing and suppression to reduce wastage and improve targeting


Our in-house, proven data hygiene, cleansing and transformation application ensures you are using the cleanest data, avoiding wastage and ensuring compliance under GDPR. We provide comprehensive suppression through our vast pool of industry sources. 

What we provide:

  • Ingests data from multiple disparate sources
  • Reformats and standardizes, validates and enhances
  • De-duplicates and applies industry suppressions, e.g. deceased, gone-aways, preference services
  • Integrate into automated workflows as required

How it helps you:

  • Reduces wastage and improves targeting
  • Reduces customer annoyance over errors, multiple packs etc.
  • Complies with GDPR and PECR provisions for maintaining accurate data and not contacting people who should not be contacted


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