eDocuments and Portals

Serve your customers’ documents securely, whenever they need them and on any device with our document archiving solution

eDocuments and Portals

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The information your customers need, where and whenever they need it


Securely serve your customers’ documents at whatever moment they need them, improving their experience and satisfaction while reducing the demands on your team. Our document archiving solution improves your speed to market and cuts unnecessary costs.

What we provide

  • Full range of delivery and retrieval solutions, including personalised URLs, document portals, and secure eDocuments.
  • Push notifications via email and SMS, delivery tracking and reporting on engagement at individual level
  • Electronic document archiving systems to give your customers self-service, and supporting your customer care agents a view of relevant communications

How it helps you

  • Cost-effective and secure document delivery gives your customers the self-service they demand
  • Understanding of your customers’ engagement with your communications
  • A fully secure, accessible and branded communication archive suitable for any organisation


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