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Email Services

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AI enabled email service provision combined with deep practical experience


Whether standalone or part of multichannel communications, email is an essential communications channel, providing speed to market, sophisticated personalisation, dynamic content capabilities, and directly measurable ROI. Paragon’s best-in-class enterprise AI enabled technology and in-house expertise successfully delivers hundreds of millions of emails for our clients a year.

What we provide:

  • Scalable, flexible, AI enabled email platforms that cover single mail shots, complex multi-layered campaigns, trigger and wave based activity and transactional scenarios like order confirmations and regulatory communications
  • Automated A/B testing, built in alerts on under/over performance, send-time optimisation, weather based triggers, real time personalisation and real-time integrations with other data sources to populate emails
  • Fully managed digital design, build and deployment service, access to platforms that enable you self-serve or a hybrid approach tailored to you

How it helps you:

  • Deploy cutting-edge industry capabilities (such as AI) in your emails, in a practical way
  • Wave based or automated triggered content - engage your customers with the right email content at the right time, quickly and easily as an integrated part of wider campaign activity
  • Best practice digital design - email templates, dynamic code, render testing to reduce email production time and improve how emails are displayed to customers


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