Re-permission your data, keep it secure, and use it at the right time



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Complete GDPR Compliance


Our four-stage systematic approach makes it easy for your business to prepare for GDPR, whether you manage millions of customer records or just a few.

What we provide

  • Data Exploration: know exactly what data you hold and what actions you need to take
  • Preference Centre: Easily manage consents, preferences, data use and permission statements
  • Breach Notification: Reach out to customers immediately in the event of a data breach
  • Re-permissioning: Proven strategies to gain GDPR-compliant permissions from your customers, increasing engagement.

How it helps you

  • Prepare for GDPR compliance with confidence
  • Gives your customers the power to control the data they share, allowing you to communicate more effectively with them in the future
  • Adds real value to your business with a customer database that lets you achieve your goals.


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