Insight Discovery

Uncover patterns and signals in your data that inform better communications

Insight Discovery

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Mine your data for insights to transform your communications impact


Our analysts consume and analyse client’s data mining it for a deeper understanding of client’s customers and prospects. Their behaviours, purchases, preferences, life-stages, lifestyles and interests, inform how and when to communicate and what to promote.

What we provide:

  • Customer Profiling and Segmentation, Engagement Scoring and Value Assessment to understand your audiences better, help acquire ‘lookalikes’, recognise and the VIPs and how to make more of them
  • Predictive and propensity models to improve targeting or identify customers at risk of lapsing to intervene and prevent churn
  • Media Attribution models – isolate what messages and what media worked and what didn’t
  • Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis – to highlight and help reduce avoidable demand into your organisation
  • Basket Analysis – who bought what, when and in what combinations


How it helps you:

  • Recognise patterns and signals in the data that can inform strategies to acquire and retain customers, up-sell and cross-sell
  • Use data to inform trigger based and more individualised communications
  • Actionable evaluation of your campaigns to demonstrate ROI and improve future strategy
  • Reduce inefficiencies in the organisation caused by avoidable demand


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