MI Reporting and Dashboards

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MI reporting and dashboards

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The right reports at the right time to the right decision makers


Making evaluation actionable is only possible if your decision makers have access to up to the minute accurate information in an easily digestible and understandable format.  In a data rich world, your teams can drown in a ‘sea of data’ and miss the key information that matters. Paragon can provide regular reporting of those vital KPIs in a highly visual format combined with the ability to drill down to the detail. Measure what matters and act on it.

What we provide:

  • Audit all your data points for quality, frequency and usefulness
  • Work with you to assess the KPIs and the best ways of showing these
  • Develop reporting templates
  • Build dashboards and automate links to data
  • Interpretation, regular review and refresh

How it helps you:

  • Standardised reporting drawing all your key sources of data into one place to show them visually and recognise peaks and troughs tracked against benchmarks
  • Period or near-real time refreshed reports accessible online 24/7
  • Draw out insights – spot patterns and signals by overlaying different types of data e.g. customer segment, media activity
  • Save time and resource by automating


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