The Paragon LifeStage Framework

Where’s best to invest your marketing spend


The Paragon LifeStage Framework

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Understand where a customer is in their LifeStage journey with your brand and plan accordingly


The Paragon LifeStage Framework categorises individuals from prospect through conversion to active customer, through those crucial nursery stages and onto that all important second purchase and beyond to preventing churn re-activation. Knowing where they are in their journey with your brand and their current and potential value will allow you to define the most appropriate strategy from looking for lookalikes, recognising your VIPS to building loyalty through cross sell.

What we provide:

  • LifeStage segmentation of prospects and customers based on purchasing stage and value
  • Recommendations to prioritise marketing spend
  • Strategy development based on those identified segments
  • Evaluation of impact of marketing activity and movement between LifeStage segments (e.g. preventing churn, increasing moving from nursery to active).

How it helps you:

  • Define where best to invest your marketing spend
  • Maximise the lifetime value of each customer, optimising your ROI
  • Match the right strategy to the right LifeStage so each customer receives the right message at the right time, increasing retention and sales 


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