Using insight to inform more effective marketing strategies


Strategy Planning

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Thinking data and talking human - communication strategies that have impact


Paragon’s planners help clients to understand their prospects and customers, question and probe to draw out and refine insight and define how that insight can be used to inform better marketing strategies.

What we provide:

  • Analytics interpretation
  • Campaign planning expertise - targeting, channel candidates and testing opportunities
  • Proposition and messaging development, creative briefing and guiding the creative process
  • Customer journey mapping, identifying points of intervention to improve customer experience
  • Data sourcing and purchase, direct media channel selection (direct mail, doordrops and inserts) and media booking
  • Research planning
  • Campaign performance review, ensuring that future activity can be refined and improved.


How it helps you:

  • Better informed strategies drawing on insight from data, research and an understanding of human psychology and how people tick
  • A fresh pair of experienced eyes, drawing on lessons learnt from across different sectors and applying them to you


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