Regulatory Print

When you need a guarantee that your business critical communication has gone out to each and every customer on time

Regulatory Print

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Rapid, reliable and innovative 100% communications

From a single contract note to millions of rate change mailings, Paragon offers the infrastructure for very fast turn-around of critical regulatory communications.

With production and distribution guaranteed to even the tightest of schedules, we also provide industry-leading expertise to optimise your regulatory communications to improve clarity, branding, operational efficiency and postal efficiency – meaning the best and safest communication at the best value.


  • Specialist infrastructures to meet and exceed client and regulatory requirements
  • Cutting-edge white paper solutions for fast turn round, efficiency and flexibility
  • Flexible, expert team to deliver the fastest response possible
  • The single fastest press in the world – capable of producing up to two million pages per day to meet the greatest of fast-turnaround demands
  • Integrated multi-channel delivery
  • Easily manage your communications via our online solution – including template authoring, content management and document editing


  • Assured regulatory compliance
  • Added value, efficiency, customer experience and innovation
  • Full control and visibility

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