Using “virtual retailing” as a marketing tool to reach automotive customers


Technological transformations to enhance user experience in the automotive industry

The Automotive industry is witnessing tremendous change from being a product centric industry to a customer driven sector catering to the needs and changing expectations of customers. The focus now is to improve customer retention by keeping up to speed with the latest technological trends and practices. Research and technological innovations have made it possible for driverless cars to soon become a mainstream part of the automotive industry. Changes like these have given an opportunity for automotive companies and retailers to change and modify their marketing strategy, and with the online presence of brands and technology has made it possible for customers to access information anytime and anywhere.

In other sectors, it has been the norm for some time now that E-commerce platforms have made it possible for customers to order any item online. Be it holiday packages, electronic gadgets, consumer goods, ordering grocery, buying is very much more online now. Customers have access to all the information in one swipe, they can gather all feedback and reviews on products with a single click. With the more complex decision making process involved in purchasing a car it has been until now difficult for the automotive sector to benefit from online marketing and customer journeys.

One of the latest trends is to bring in the test drive experience right into the living rooms of consumers. Test drives are often the first point of interaction between consumers and automotive companies. They are also often the moment when a consumer falls in love with the car they end up purchasing. However, with increasingly busier roads and time poor customers, the virtual world can really play a part on the decision making process for the customer. Think of this as a way of a customer checking the interior of the car and how it looks, before they book an actual test drive.

The term used for this would be “virtual retailing”. An innovative technological platform combined with the best graphical images and videos bringing together an exceptional user journey. These video retailing tools will give the freedom to consumers to feel and experience a car journey by clicking a button. They could choose the model, specification, colour and then you can take them on a phenomenal test drive experience right within the confines of their homes. This would technically be a video tool to represent your entire brand and all your offerings. Marketing mediums like these are not confined to any particular geography or physical interruption; so they can help you reach millions of customers at a single click. Your potential customers will remember this experience and visit your website and dealerships to find out more information. Virtual retailing gives automotive companies and retailers the freedom to combine their technological innovations and product categories. This in turn gives users a first-hand experience of the cars they wish to buy. You can have these tools integrated within your website and social networking tools. Product innovation, designs, functionality, capability and technological innovation, it can all be displayed through this medium. This platform allows marketers to update product information in real time.

So how can Paragon help you on this journey of virtual retailing? Paragon Creative Studios is a multi-disciplined team in 3D visualisation, animation, graphic design and film. They work closely with clients to help translate products into images and video. This helps companies to communicate their ideas and products to potential buyers and ultimately to a wider target audience. As the technology can be shared socially the marketer can gain feedback instantly and have a more intimate relationship with the customer. We specialise in still imagery, photomontages and visually verified views. Paragon Creative Studio creates realistic animated videos to create a totally engaging piece of marketing communication.

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