Books on Demand

Paragon offers a unique production solution that enables publishers and companies to print books on demand.



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Publish to an audience of one with Books on Demand

Publishers used to have to estimate a book’s popularity, print accordingly and hope their approximations were correct, but today publishers have the option to print exactly the amount needed.

The possibility of printing short runs - down to a single book - is a result of the technological advances in digital print and finishing in recent years. With these opportunities at hand, publishers’ backlists can be kept alive and content can easily be updated. With the books on demand technique books aren’t printed until they’re ordered and since books are delivered straight to the end consumer, no capital is tied up in stock keeping costs. 

For the last 500 years, book publishing has remained more or less unchanged. Today, the publishing business and the future of books are more uncertain than ever. In order to meet market demands and to keep generating revenue, publishers have had to rethink their business models.

Instead of printing large runs and keeping books in stock, short runs, down to single copies, are produced but not before the books are sold. This new printing method leaves publishers with the possibility of reviving out-of-print books. The Books on Demand service revolutionizes the publishing business and creates a bright future for both books and publishers.

Books on Demand delivers many advantages:

·         Lower costs, increased profits

·         No administration costs

·         No Stock Keeping

·         Accurate Sales Statistics

·         No Estimated Print Runs

·         Backlists kept alive, produced on demand


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