At Paragon we are proud to serve the construction sector with our innovative web-to-print, document management and information solution systems.

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Paragon has been working within the construction sector for more than 100 years

Our heritage

In particular, Paragon Service Point one of our brands have a legacy of working with the construction sector for over a century. Paragon Service Point was founded as the Universal Drawing Office in 1914, and we are proud to have been able to serve this sector for such a long time.

What we offer

Paragon is the first choice for many construction companies in the UK looking for excellence in print management, marketing and online document management systems.


ProjectVault is a platform that provides construction industry specific online collaboration, document and information management solutions scalable to any organisation, department or project. ProjectVault helps your business work more effectively by saving time, generating measurable cost savings, improving control, reducing risk and increasing productivity.

This leading online platform is used for centralised information storage, revision control, all project communications including issues, bid tendering Rfi’s and approvals as well as our unique print distribution module. This ensures all the key stakeholders within a project such as project managers, contractors, consultants and bid team have secure, current and fully audited information at their fingertips. ProjectVault offers real time information sharing with all project members. Features such as intelligent search help the user to retrieve documents using the advanced search capability. Every single change on the document is timestamped and tracked, helping to maintain an audit of all the changes. You will also have the flexibility to print at any of our UK wide branch network in 24 locations.

Document Scanning & Archiving

Many companies still have legacy data in physical format. However, with square footage costs constantly on the increase we understand the importance of conserving precious office space. What is needed is a company that can ease the transition to convert your paper records to digital files. Once we have helped you through the process of scanning and archiving hard copies you can then store, organise and view the documents from our ProjectVault SaaS application based in the cloud.

PEP (Online Ordering & Print Platform)

It is essential to keep all document inventory updated at all sites and fulfil any print or document requirements effectively. PEP is a highly effective web–to–print platform which will help you maintain brand consistency across locations and will ensure all sites have the latest marketing collateral. This platform is also used  for efficient inventory management across sites and helps you save costs. Get all your direct marketing and promotional print done using this platform and control wastage.

Digital Print Services

We provide on-site and off-site print services to all our construction clients. This helps organisations to better manage their high volume print requirements and better manage printing expenses. This service includes a host of other services such as large and small format colour graphics and highly secure print services as well.

Creative Services

We have a division within Paragon called Paragon Studios which create compelling visuals for all projects, depicting the vision of architects. This feature is essential for all planners, bids and tender management teams and marketing teams who would like to see what a project will look like on completion. We have a dedicated team who are skilled in 3D visualisation, animation, graphic design and film who can help you in this journey.

Hybrid Mail

Use our hybrid mail services to save up to 35 % costs on mailing. Documents are delivered electronically to a central location and then printed and mailed in large batches. Using this service companies can reduce manual handling as well as achieve economies of scale on printing and mailing. Paragon can assist you in printing, folding, franking and mailing all your documents helping you save admin time and improve productivity.

Business Supplies

We can even help you with office furniture, stationery, internal branding, décor and HR and payroll solutions.


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