Paragon's solutions can give you a competitive advantage in the hospitality sector

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Transforming operations within the hospitality sector

The age of the Generation Y customer is upon the Hospitality industry: reviews, deals and extensive choice is just a click away on multiple channels. Companies today are competing with the growing ‘sharing economy’, geopolitical uncertainty and the constant battle for brand loyalty. As the sector is behind some of the biggest areas of economic growth in Europe, we are partners to leading groups, helping them to grow and adapt to changing market conditions.

Paragon manages all types of communication and of media used in hotels and restaurants. We are a marketing service provider, a print provider, a logistics partner and a technology partner: combining solutions to save time and money, and help drive our clients' business forward with innovation.

Paragon can enhance, support and transform your Hospitality operations with the following solutions:

  • Operational, business critical documents and consumables: from keycards and keycard holders, to check-in forms and invoice paper; the simple things that need to be always there, and always right 
  • Logistics and Distribution: as well as supplying promotional gifts and marketing related items, we now manage the logistics of certain operational consumables for some clients, via our web shop platforms
  • Marketing Print Management.  We draw on our own production and extensive third part supply chain network to offer best in class print procurement
  • Marketing campaign management. Localised campaigns to promote MICE activities, or central campaigns to drive traffic
  • Loyalty and CRM. Paragon provides supporting services to loyalty schemes across Europe


These solutions are designed to enhance:

Brand Consistency by centralising production of communications and using online platforms to allow each hotel to order personalised items and campaigns - strictly within brand. We are the collateral control unit for all your operational print, branded print and custom items across your network via our online PEP solution, consolidating spend and removing stock obsolesce with an on-demand service.

Spend Management and Stock Control through detailed reporting and analysis on purchasing trends, and consolidating of orders to maximise economies of sales and deliver savings to the hotel group

Co-ordinated marketing campaigns across multiple channels: online, mobile, in print, or in the hotel. We can project manage marketing campaigns, working with design agencies, brand managers and hotels to run campaigns, advise on critical path planning and also act as a central point of reference to ensure campaigns roll out similarly across different sub-brands

Brand-franchise communication by providing a flexible channel of communication to the individual hotels that is customised completely to the hotel master brand wishes

We have sector specialists for the Hospitality sector in each of our major markets.  Please contact us to learn more about our services. 

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