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We provide the essential services that power the biggest utility and telecom providers' customer communcations

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Utilities Telecom Sector

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What we do for the sector today

We provide the essential services that power the biggest utility and telecom providers

Paragon is the original managed service provider for transactional bills and statements for the utilities and telecoms industry. We specialise in partnering with you to deliver transformational change – streamlining your communication operations and integrating across all channels to enable the effortless cross-channel engagement your customers demand.

From consolidating multiple vendors and breaking down organisational siloes through to innovating print output and creating effective digital experiences, we understand and can fulfil your fundamental business ambitions and give you, safely and rapidly, a world-class communications platform.

Our unrivalled infrastructure is built to enable fast turnaround of regulatory communication, such as rate change mailings, in an increasingly regulated world – guaranteeing 100% distribution within regulated SLAs, giving you full production visibility and adding transformative value through communication optimisation, innovation and digitisation. We also boast a rich pedigree of creating highly effective, award-winning marketing in the utilities and telecoms sector.

Our solutions for your sector include:

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