Paragon's Direct Mail solution integrates fully with all of your business services to make your mailings a truly fulfilling experience.


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Improve Customer Acquisition and Retention

Why Direct Mail

A direct mail campaign allows businesses to generate responses from highly targeted prospects. Campaigns with a clear call to action can help boost sales from existing customers.

In a world where we are bombarded by emails it makes sense to get a physical message into your customer’s hands and appeal to their senses. Research shows that 83% of people still believe that direct mail is easier to consume than email. 92% of all direct mail is opened with 48% of UK adults taking action after receiving it.

Unlike other companies, Paragon can create your campaigns, source and manage the data, add highly appropriate variable content, produce any quantity from 1 to several million and integrate with digital formats to maximise ROI.

With state of the art production technologies and long-standing experience in direct marketing, Paragon can plan and produce your mailings effectively. With Paragon's support you benefit from flexible technologies including a full range of classic and innovative production options. In addition, you are guaranteed meticulous checking and careful handling of your customer data.

Largest personalisation capability in Europe

Paragon can customise your mailings individually to the recipient in our own lettershop and enclose every mailshot accurately and synchronise personalised components securely. Paragon has the largest personalisation capacity in Europe and we have the ability to deliver your mailings throughout Europe, from mail dispatch and transport. With cost effective technology and the most up-to-date production lines Paragon can translate your concepts to reality.

Paragon produces the highest response rates and always meet our deadlines.  We provide compelling innovations, sophisticated and modern production techniques, supporting you right from the start with the necessary expertise to bring your ideas to life. You will have unlimited technical options to help you convey the message of your mailings effectively, efficiently and with the highest quality. 

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