Hybrid Mail

​Hybrid Mail allows you to easily manage all of your communications from one place


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With Hybrid Mail it's possible to save up to 60% on mailing costs

Hybrid Mail is mail that can be delivered using a mix of electronic and physical delivery - documents are delivered electronically to a central location and then printed and mailed in large batches.  Savings are delivered through a huge reduction in manual handling as well as economies of scale for printing and discounts on mailing . If you are spending a lot of time and money printing, folding, enveloping and franking letters, hybrid mail may be the solution for you.

In modern organisations very few people have the luxury of having a secretary or assistant to handle tasks like printing and mailing.  The dedicated team at Paragon will manage the process of printing, folding and franking letters, so you don't have people spending valuable time standing by a printer, trying to find an envelope, and looking for stamps.

Not only does hybrid mail provide excellent value for money, it also keeps your team focused on their core responsibilities. It really is post at the click of a button.

6 ways that hybrid mail can save you money:

1. Reduction of postal costs
Mail is sorted and consolidated to achieve postal discounts. 
2Reduction of printing costs
Documents are printed using high-quality machines giving economies of scale
3. Improved employee productivity
Employees can focus their efforts on more productive elements of the business instead of printing documents and putting into envelopes
4. Reduction of stationary and consumable costs
No longer do you need to worry about paper, envelopes and ink
5. Reduction of equipment costs
You can reduce the number of office printers, inserting machines, franking machines and having the expense of running and maintaining them
6. Reduction in energy costs
Less equipment will result in cost savings from energy



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