Ticketing Solutions

Paragon has been a supplier of transport tickets for over 100 years. We have continually evolved our products and services to support our customers through every technological innovation. 


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Always moving forward, Paragon provides intelligent Ticketing Solutions

Paragon can cater to all of your ticketing requirements. From punch tickets and magnetic stripes to contactless season tickets, we strive to provide customers with effective and relevant solutions. As a manufacturer of specialised products, Paragon has mastered a wide range of services that can be tailored to every need. The ticketing solutions offered include Magnetic Ticketing, Contactless Ticketing and Innovative IT Solutions.

Magnetic Ticketing

Paragon played a key part in the creation of magnetic stripe technology, a field in which they have been active in for more than 40 years. Today Paragon’s products are used in many networks all over the world, including Paris, Madrid, Caracas, Cairo and Milan. We have mastered and perfected our industrial process enabling us to offer the highest quality products.

Contactless Ticketing

Paragon is staying ahead of the curve by investing heavily in contactless technology, an effective solution for optimising production volumes and increasing the security of access control systems.

Paragon offers a wide range of products from ISO contact and contactless cards to soft tickets and tags that can be adapted to meet your customers' needs, including top-up, season tickets and multiservice travel cards.

Innovative IT Solutions

Paragon group invests heavily in technology and the technology supporting our ticketing solutions is what makes the difference to our success. Paragon has developed IT solutions that eliminate the sample stages and make it easier to monitor service delivery. Thanks to our Web to Print solution, customers can define the variables of their tickets, customer mailers and envelopes.  

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