Traceability and Brand Protection

Ensuring traceability of goods and protection of brands


Traceability and Brand Protection


Ensuring product traceability throughout the supply chain is vital to protect customers and fight against counterfeiting.



Paragon produces millions of labels every year including logistics and stock labels, security labels, durable labels and automotive labels (Galia).

Combining our label manufacturing and RFID expertise, we also manufacture RFID labels and tags, UHF, HF and NFC, for a wide range of applications such as logistics and stock management, items tagging in retail, operational maintenance or brand protection.  



Brand Protection

The global counterfeiting and pirated goods could reach $2.8 trillion by 2020 according to the International Trademark Association (INTA). Counterfeiting now affects every sectors, including but not limited to, luxury products, automotive, toys, health & pharma, electronic items and cosmetics. It is a serious risk to public health, brand reputation and legitimate sales.

As experts in traceability and identification, Paragon ID pioneers the use of RFID, traceability, secure labels and NFC tags to track genuine products through the supply chain and protect customers against fraud.


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