Transport & Smart Cities

An answer to access control challenges worldwide

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Transport & Smart Cities

Sustainable mobility is a key priority for any city. It includes the provision of public transport that uses little energy, is environmental friendly, safe and easily accessible to all. Our solutions have been enabling these goals for over 100 years – and we now ensure the smooth and secure movement of people around more than 120 cities worldwide. We excel at collaborating with other organisations to integrate our innovative, smart technologies with existing systems, making digital transformation possible.

Our offering to Smart Cities include:

  • Magnetic tickets
  • Contactless tickets
  • Smartcards
  • SAM and key ceremonies
  • Host Card Emulation
  • Terminals (readers, couplers…)
  • Advertickets


Our products are completed by a wide range of secure services including card personalisation, documents and marketing solutions (digitisation, mailings, multi-channel campaigns…)


For more information on our e-ID offering, visit the Paragon ID website / Transport & Smart Cities.