Welcome Break case study

Welcome Break is one of the UK’s largest motorway service station operators. They work with a number of international brands within their branches including Waitrose, Subway, Starbucks, KFC, BP, Shell, and Burger King as well as hotel providers Days Inn and Ramada to provide a total service experience. They have over 80 million visitors per year. 



SimpliPay revolutionises payslips for Welcome Break

The challenge

Welcome Break has 6500 employees to issue payslips to across the country - when they began working with Paragon, the payslips were pressure seal paper slips, printed weekly. There was a desire to reduce paper wastage, time wastage and implement cost management as well as a desire to revolutionise their employee experience and payroll management.

The solution

Paragon provided SimpliPay - an electronic payslip solution that allows the user to log on to a custom platform, view their wages in advance and also manage past payslips. The system fully integrates into the present payroll system, accesses all the input payroll data, and then pushes it to an online secure location. The platform allows for brand customisation and corporate colours that provides familiarity to the user, and access is available from all mobile devices.
A secure, interactive and modern solution for a company that prides itself on leading the ‘revolution in changing the motorway service sector’. The solution was tested and then piloted in a number of branches, feedback monitored and implemented to truly match the client’s needs, before being rolled out across the UK. 


The result

The client was very pleased with the outcome, one user describing it as “internally - one of the best things Welcome Break have ever done”.

The employees can now;

  1. Access their payslips in real time, 24/7
  2. View next weeks’ payslip and previous payslips 
  3. Save or print payslips, current or past.
  4. Access the system via their mobile devices
  5.  Access P60 and P11d forms. 

This improved visibility and immediacy has been very popular with the users. Moreover the client has reduced paper wastage and reduced the number of printed payslips from 6.5 thousand per week to none. Up to 92% of employees logged on to view their slips in the first week of the system’s launch. 

The benefits

  • No more printed payslips
  • Platform is accessible on mobile devices and completely electronic
  • Employee-friendly solution that allows management of payslips 
  • Platform is customisable to provide brand familiarity
  • Secure solution

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