NFC increases value for tourists with 'Smart Tourism'

NFC technology has the ability to enhance the tourism experience


NFC is now being used to provide tourists with a more enriching experience by allowing them to simply use their smartphones to gain more information about an attraction


Tourism is a multibillion euro industry and the 4th largest industry sector in Europe. The number of travellers, whether they are business or leisure, millennials, generation x or baby boomers are increasing year on year.

The tourism industry is constantly evolving, from online bookings to online review sites to augmented reality, the tourism sector must continuously adjust to cope with the influence of technology.

In an interesting move for the tourism industry, NFC is now being used to provide tourists with a more enriching experience by allowing them to simply use their smartphones to gain more information about an attraction. 

Smart Tourism

A smart tourism destination can be defined as implementing ICT’s (information and communication technology) such as the internet of things or smart technology that offers the visitor a personalised, enhanced service.


Many cities are now utilising NFC technology to offer visitors a more interactive experience. Technologies such as NFC bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds so when a tourist visits a tourist attraction they can admire it in the physical world but also use their smartphone to learn more about the attraction digitally. In many cities across Europe 1000’s of NFC tags have been deployed on historic buildings, in art galleries and in museums to allow access to additional information such as text, imagery and video. 

How it works

Most smartphones are now enabled to read NFC tags. Once the smartphone is placed close to an NFC tag, the information such as text, imagery, soundtracks etc will automatically appear. No app download is necessary for the NFC tag to be activated by the smart phone.

Historic buildings, museums and art galleries are just some of the tourist attractions that can benefit from the addition of NFC tags. Tourists can easily use their smartphones to obtain as much information as they need about a particular building or painting making the experience more informative and thus more valuable. 

Our business division Paragon ID brings NFC and enhanced experience to renowned modern art exhibition

Lovers of modern art will meet again in September 2017 for the 5th edition of the “Biennale de Sologne”, a modern art exhibition in the centre of France.

This year, organisers have taken the opportunity to link sculptures and new technologies to offer their visitors a more complete experience thanks to NFC technology. The presentation cards placed at the bottom of each work of art contain a NFC tag allowing access to further information about the artist via a smartphone.

By scanning the tag with the smartphone or reading the QR code, you can access videos or the artist’s website.

Each year, Paragon ID sponsors the event by printing the marketing literature such as posters, guides or maps. For the 2017 edition, Paragon ID offered to bring NFC to the exhibition.   




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